This is a trailer I made for the Swedish cinema (SF) celebrating 30 years of serving popcorn at the movies. They wanted something big with explosions but the budget was tight.

So i figured if i made it in the spirit of the scary movies from the 80s then we might get away with it. I took a lot of inspiration from the John Carpenter movie from 1982, The Thing. But also a lot from the trailer for the Scooby-Doo Teaser from 2002. 

Our motto was "Less is more" hence we focused on making a few scenes as good as possible with the means we had. That means we went for the best and easiest technique to achieve what we wanted. The trailer is a mix of matte paintings, 3D, puppets and practical effects.

This is the Animatic i drew and put together to sell the idea to the people in charge at SF.

Idea, Direction & Visual Design
Josué Motta

Project Management
Emily Lindqvist
Linda Rosengren

Motion Graphics & 3D
Fredrik Dimrå
Josué Motta

Studio crew
Catherine Sjöberg
Staffan Eliasson
Lovisa Söderqvist

Petra Backström

Sound Design
Annika Hedlund – Redpipe

SF / Filmstaden / Visual Art