Generation PEP is a non-profit organization initiated by the Swedish Crown Princess Couple, with the vision that all children and youth in Sweden should have the ability and desire to live an active and healthy life.

I got the opportunity to help Generation PEP with their annual report. It included two printed publications, illustrations and an animated piece.

Their graphical profile was a bit all over the place and therefore they didn't want me to use some stuff, like their characters. This meant that it was going to be very hard to do what they asked for. Trying to animate emotions with stick figures is limiting and only doing text animations was a not so fun solution.

Therefore i took it upon myself to suggest a redesign. I gathered the characters they where using (top row) and took bits and pieces from all of them to create a new version of versatile characters that were a bit easier to work with (bottom part) but still existed within the Generation PEP world.

They loved the new characters and asked me to do more illustrations that they could use in their communication. The characters needed to be as inclusive as possible without being offending. We left skin tones and body types out of it and focused more on hairstyles and accessories.

I got to help out with two printed productions. "The Annual Report 2019" which is a publication who reports on the activities that Generation PEP where involved in the past year. And "The Report 2019" which is a lighter more accessible version of their scientific annual report.

And last but not least, i made a short film which is an animated version of the "Report 2019". The animation was to be shown on the big release party they have each year but unfortunately the covid-19 pandemic canceled those plans.

The voice over is provided by Carolina Klüft who is a well known former Swedish athlete and now the head of the Generation PEP organization.

Below is the Animatic that i used to present my ideas to Generation PEP.

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